We create alignment with CEOs through our flexible investment approach to match a company's needs.


High Growth Sub-Sectors

As spending shifts from a central IT function to business lines, focusing on the buyer inside of a company and a vertical is key.

  • COO / Supply chain
  • CFO / Financial Services & Technology
  • HR / Healthcare
  • CMO / Commerce
  • IT / Information Services


Outcome Focused

  • Flexible investments - we will make investments ranging from $5M-$50M, driven by the stage and needs of the company
  • Focus on outcomes, not capital invested - we invest in the best companies and teams and create the right structure to support and grow businesses


Encourage Sustainable Growth

  • Invest with conviction - we partner with a select group of companies, all of which receive the full support of an experienced team with deep domain expertise to accelerate growth
  • Partial liquidity for founding teams - we support founders looking to take a bit “off the table,” leading to better alignment and decision-making on a go forward basis


Geographically Agnostic

  • Support teams where they are - we connect teams to the right ecosystem of customers, partners, and acquirers regardless of their location
  • New paradigm of company building - we embrace non-traditional technology hubs with lower costs of running a businesses and higher quality of living


Digital Sales & Marketing

  • Unlock new markets or segments
  • Increase sales and marketing efficiency and improve customer acquisition costs
  • Optimize channel activities


Data & Analytics

  • Increase business intelligence and data accessibility to facilitate decision making
  • Leverage predictive analytics and machine learning where appropriate
  • Create new data products


Business Operations

  • Create data-driven accountability across functions
  • Implement and streamline processes for the next phase of growth